In this FAQ list you can find the answers related to Naturbox. If you still have questions, please send us an email, we will be happy to help.

What is Naturbox?

Naturbox is a online modular tool, available also for mobile devices, that helps those who care for outdoor activities and responsible for managing natural areas to identify and solve problems in their spaces. It also provides a online space to debate and present new ideas.

Is the Naturbox a good tool to manage my natural space or resort?

Yes, Naturbox is a flexible user-friendly tool that allows a better interaction between those who manage the space and their users.

Can I adapt Naturbox to my area?

Yes, Naturbox is customizable and dynamic, and can really reflect your needs.

Who can use Naturbox?

Naturbox is an intuitive platform, so everyone can use it, from skiers to mountain bikers or hikers, aged or young people.

What is included in Naturbox?

The adherence to Naturbox includes customization of the platform, availability online and mobile application, as well as the training of those who will manage the information.

Do I have to register?

The entity responsible can choose:
  i.Keep it like a free open application
  ii.Introduce required registration (required if you want the users to follow the resolution process)

What should I do to keep the platform updated?

Nothing. You will have automatic and free access to the new versions of Naturbox. Every new module created can also be updated (if requested).

Can the Naturbox be adapted to different activities?

Of course. For more information, please contact us.